Happy Tails

Stories of happy endings for Animals, who go to their forever home.

Bjorn and Benny - submitted by Nikkita

Hello, I'm Nikkita (19) and this is the strange story as to how two cheeky kittens became a part of our family. My beloved cat had been killed by a car a few months earlier and the house felt hollow with a cat. I had known that if I got another cat I'd name him Bjorn due to my fondness of the Norse name. I was filling time (not actively searching for a new family member) by looking at the cute animals on the ARRG web site when a name jumped out at me, Bjorn. I was surprised to see the uncommon name, when I went to his page I had the intention of just seeing what little guy would share my future cat's name. I read his profile and loved the cheeky description of his personality, then I saw his photo and knew I was meant to home him. I got in contact with ARRG on the spot to check he was still available and thankfully he was. I exchanged phone calls and texts with his devoted foster mum Hellen, and after receiving many wonderful photos and videos I convinced my mum to come with me to pick up Bjorn and meet his spunky brother and sister. As soon as my mum sat down the 'leader' of the 3 siblings Benny went straight to my mum, she played with the him and it became clear that the brothers had found their forever home. While introducing the boy's into the house room by room we were a little nervous as to how they would react to the children (6,4,1) but there was no need to worry. The boy's love the pats and cuddles they get from the kids and not once has there been an issue. Benny and Bjorn are very affectionate and fitting great with the family, we truly couldn't have asked for better. A kitten with a unusual Norse name, he and his brother being in ARRG's care, their personality's being a match for our family, them keen to live on a farm and a bored girl filling time before work. Seems almost like fate, Does it not?

Adopted from ARRG


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