Sponsoring an ARRG animal

sponsorpic.jpgARRG's No-Kill programme means many rescued pets can stay in foster care indefinitely for various reasons.

Adult animals are less likely to find a new home in the short term because we must take into consideration their past experience with humans. Given time with their foster carer we then make a decision about when the pet is ready for re-homing, the current needs of the pet and we must choose the right home for the pet to be successfully placed.

Other ARRG animals needing urgent sponsorship, as they are pets that have been abandoned or handed into care suffering severe neglect and abuse. They require expensive veterinarian treatment and these animals must stay in care with ARRG foster carers until they are completely healed physically and emotionally.

Vet costs for a severe skin condition or broken leg will run into several hundreds of dollars sadly we rescue many animals needing this kind of treatment.

Medical sponsorship for these animals is crucial, it assists us in continuing our rescue work and also helps all of these animals — with the aim of them recovering enough to find their own special home.

Woodburn police rescue Persian cat severe skin Jan 1 09.jpgOur records over the last ten years show a less than 1% figure of our rescued animals were euthanased, and these animals were too sick to respond to any veterinarian treatment and was to stop their suffering.





Monty dumped in severe pain aged 3 mths
Monty a collie x puppy was dumped at 3 months of age by heartless people and was taken to the pound who called ARRG for help. He was severely neglected and had one of the worse skin conditions we have seen and this little puppy was in severe pain with red and hot swollen limbs. More info »

TESSIE a 1 year old foxie x was dumped
TESSIE a 1 year old foxie x was dumped in Kyogle and taken to the pound... More info »

'RONNIE' a mature rooster dumped
'RONNIE' a mature rooster in very poor condition was dumped in Nimbin and seen wandering around town for days... More info »

PEPPIE a 10 year old and blind terrier dumped.
PEPPIE a 10 year old and blind terrier was dumped at our centre at night. More info »

3 Kittens dumped at Power Stn
Three tiny kittens were dumped at the Toowoomba power station... More info »



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COVID-19 Procedures
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We would like to say a big thank you to Steve and Karen from Lions Club of Tweed Coast South who made a generous donation of $1500. More info »

Richmond Sand and Gravel
A big thank you to Richmond Sand and Gravel, Lismore, for their very generous donation of sand and metal dust for our Centre. More info »

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