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During the recent floods in Lismore, we were unable to assist flood victims who found themselves homeless with no-where for their pets. If our Emergency Care pens were completed this is one of the services for these pens! Please consider donating towards our 'emergency care' pens.


Our Number 1 priority has been to build a No-Kill shelter, on the Far North Coast.

ARRG has been really busy over the last few years establishing our centre and working hard to provide accommodation for pets in desparate situations.

Thanks to our wonderful voluteers, we have gardens and walkways with a couple of temporary runs for dogs and a small indoor one for cats. Carers continue to provide the bulk of care and we always need more carers.

The Next Step - Emergency Care Kennels!


Increasingly, in fact almost weekly, ARRG is called upon by welfare agencies to provide, or find, temporary accommodation for pets whose owners are in desperate situations.

These situations include:

Individuals who find themselves in such situations are generally unable to pay for their animals to go to even the least expensive boarding kennels. Hence the provision of free boarding at ARRG will allow desperate pet owners to take the next step to alleviate their current difficult circumstances without the constant worry about the fate of their pets.

Our Target

We have Council approved plans for a kennel facility housing 10 dogs in separate runs and at this point there is a large cement slab on the ground, but negligible funds to complete the kennel building.

We desperately require $100,000 to finish the kennel project and provide temporary boarding facilities for pet owners in times of extreme hardship.


L-R: The concrete slab for the kennel foundations, artist's impression of the finished kennels

As a registered charity all donations over $2 are tax deductable.





Monty dumped in severe pain aged 3 mths
Monty a collie x puppy was dumped at 3 months of age by heartless people and was taken to the pound who called ARRG for help. He was severely neglected and had one of the worse skin conditions we have seen and this little puppy was in severe pain with red and hot swollen limbs. More info »

TESSIE a 1 year old foxie x was dumped
TESSIE a 1 year old foxie x was dumped in Kyogle and taken to the pound... More info »

'RONNIE' a mature rooster dumped
'RONNIE' a mature rooster in very poor condition was dumped in Nimbin and seen wandering around town for days... More info »

PEPPIE a 10 year old and blind terrier dumped.
PEPPIE a 10 year old and blind terrier was dumped at our centre at night. More info »

3 Kittens dumped at Power Stn
Three tiny kittens were dumped at the Toowoomba power station... More info »



We would like to say a big thank you to Steve and Karen from Lions Club of Tweed Coast South who made a generous donation of $1500. More info »

Richmond Sand and Gravel
A big thank you to Richmond Sand and Gravel, Lismore, for their very generous donation of sand and metal dust for our Centre. More info »

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Buy one of these products with our logo and slogan and ARRG receive 20% of profits. More info »

Come and visit us at our new Thrifty Op Shop, located 91 Magellan Street, Lismore. More info »

Recently Lismore suffered from floods they hadn't seen for 40 years. More info »