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ADOPTED - LUCKY , 7 year old male Cattle Dog-x - Red Speckle


LUCKY is a beautiful young man who was surrendered for no fault of his own. So he is now looking for a Furever Home, preferably without very young children.


Weight: 38 kg

His former guardians say about Lucky:

'He has a really good temperament and he loves being around us - even if it's not next to us. He's content coming inside and sitting on his bed in the living room and being with the family. Of course he would prefer to be sitting on your lap but is too big.

He's a kind dog - he is fine with vets, people he knows and sometimes strangers (outside of the yard) - but will bark at you if you come to the house and he doesn't know you.

He is fine with people in the yard if we are present ... untested how he would react if we weren't there and someone came in the yard.

He's super playful, but doesn't know when to stop sometimes and other animals (dogs and cats) don't like it. He may have been poorly socialised as a puppy.

He's pretty well behaved overall, but he is very active and would prefer a walk every day, but he is also ok with a walk every few days - but any longer and he can get a bit pent up and is prone to digging.

He loves walking / running but he is easily distracted (by most things) and pulls a lot. He's used to a fast pace walk so if you slow down he will keep walking at a fast pace. He needs someone strong or an anti-pull harness/collar.

He's a smart boy and knows many tricks (sit, drop, stay, come, leave it, roll over, shake, etc) but often all his training goes out the window when he's distracted. He has poor recall but does come eventually - i.e. when we take him for a walk on the beach he will come back, but gets highly distracted. He would be best left on the lead in open spaces until a new owner was confident of their training.

He's super goofy, and not particularly good at frisbee or fetch, but he's willing to learn and it's funny watching him play fetch. He can be a bit possessive of toys (which we have been slowly training out of him).

He's good with food and will sit on his bed and leave his food until prompted. He is fine with other people touching and being around his food while eating.

Most of the time he doesn't know he's a big dog and carries on like he's light as a feather - he's run into us a few times or whips us with his waggy tail. He doesn't jump normally, but can when he's VERY excited.'

- Short easy to maintain coat;
- loves to be loved;
- full of personality;
- travels well;
- Leads well.

- Lucky will benefit from further training and would love to learn how to put his best paw forward;
- currently untested with cats.

APPLICATIONS are not processed until ALL the following information and attachments are received.
* PROOF of home ownership
* PHOTOS of fenced yard

Animals cannot be met until your emailed Application To Adopt has been received and approved, as most of our animals are in foster care.

To expedite the adoption process, click on 'I want to ADOPT NAME' OR email ARRG ( - Subject: ID #### NAME), and in your INITIAL email attach photos of your fenced yard (from multiple angles), as well as proof of HOME OWNERSHIP (ie, Rates Notice - redacted if preferred).

Or if you RENT?, a DETAILED letter of agreement (specifying number & type of animals allowed) from your landlord/owner.
Agency renters on Agency's letterhead;
Private Renters need same letter of agreement accompanied by owner's proof of property ownership (ie, Rates Notice).
For an example of Letter of Agreement, copy & paste this link:
Proof of home/property ownership should be a Rates Notice (electricity bills are not acceptable).

You should also take this opportunity to tell us why you would make the best guardian for this dog.

Recommended that you include following in INITIAL email (together with above attachments):
* Why you/your family would make best guardian;
* Number of children/Ages?
* What other Pets do you have? (Are cats & dogs vaccinated & desexed, microchipped & Lifetime Registered?)
* If adopting a puppy or young dog, do you intend to undertake puppy pre-school or other formal training?
* History with dogs?
* How much time do you have for walking this dog?
* Full time/Part time worker or Retired or Work from home?
* What will you do with your furbabies if you ever have to move into a rental that does not allow dogs/cats?
* Phone number

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Ref: ARRG ID 2854
Microchip Number: 953010000994585

I want to ADOPT ADOPTED - LUCKY — If emailing please include your location and phone number so we can chat about suitability and viewing ADOPTED - LUCKY . Please also attach proof of home ownership, or if you rent, a letter of agreement from your landlord/owner, and photos of your fenced yard if adopting a dog.

If you have a fenced area, time to exercise and care for ADOPTED - LUCKY and you can offer a home FOR LIFE please contact us.

Telepone: (02)6622 1881 and (02)6622 1020 office hours Mon- Fri.
Location: Animal Rights and Rescue is located on the Far North Coast NSW (near Ballina, Byron Bay,Casino,Lismore), Australia.

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