Kya, 7 year old female American Staffi

This is Kya's story. ARRG received a phone call on the 18th April 2018 asking for help from Kya's owner down in Sydney. Kya had been rescued from Blacktown pound she was very traumatised. Her new owners have worked very hard to get her to trust again but unfortunately it hasn't worked out. Kya is not good with other dogs but she has a very sweet and gentle nature towards humans. Kya is very obedient and is not a barker, she will bark though if there are strangers or dogs who approach her fence line. Kya loves the car and going for walks. Her new owners can't keep her because they do have another dog. They don't want to put her back in the pound they have work very hard with her. Kya's owners have rang all the groups in Sydney but they wont take her because she doesn't get on well with other dogs. So they have asked us if we can help. They will be happy to drive her up here if we find her a furever home for her. While she is waiting for her new home Kya's owners will be seeing a behavioural specialist to work on her dislikes for other dogs. I forgot to mention she is also scared of thunder storms. If you are interested please call ARRG 02 66221881.

Ref: ARRG ID 2045

I want to ADOPT Kya — If emailing please include your location and phone number so we can chat about suitability and viewing Kya.

If you have a fenced area, time to exercise and care for Kya and you can offer her a home FOR LIFE please contact us.

Telepone: (02)6622 1881 and (02)6622 1020 office hours - (02)6662 7154 after hours.
Location: Animal Rights and Rescue is located on the Far North Coast NSW (near Ballina, Byron Bay,Casino,Lismore), Australia.

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