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All ARRG dogs are vaccinated, heartworm tested and all adult dogs are desexed. We provide a coupon to be used with our nominated Veterinary Surgeon when the pup is desexing age.

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When you see an animal removed from our website, it's good news — they have found a home.

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DOLLY, 5 year old female Jack Russell—
Little lady happy to have some company and daily walks
Ref: ARRG ID 002570
Microchip Number: 991001003741705

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TEDDY, 4 year old male Jack Russell—

Young scruffy man looking for a quiet household
Ref: ARRG ID 002569
Microchip Number: 943094320493360

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WILLOW, 5 month old female MASTIFF X - Brindle — WILLOW is a typical pup with high energy levels. Whoever adopts her will need to be prepared to provide her with training. She is an intelligent girl who won't take long to learn.

Willow will need to be taken for walks and receive lots of exercise. If you can't do this, please don't apply.
Ref: ARRG ID 002571
Microchip Number: 953010004926305

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LEXI, 6 year old female English Staffordshire Terrier x — LEXI has a happy temperament and is a girl in need of a loving home. She has lived happily with older children for the past 6 years, but now the family has decided to get rid of her. So hopefully there is a family out there who will love her for the rest of her life.
Ref: ARRG ID 002554
Microchip Number: 900006000226239

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BUDDY BOY, 6 year old male English Staffordshire Terrier x —

BUDDY BOY is a little dude with a big heart.
Ref: ARRG ID 002552
Microchip Number: 943094320429154

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DODGER, 5 year old male Staffordshire Terrier x —
DODGER is a beautiful boy is having some trouble adjusting with the dogs and people around his yard. He needs a rural home, where he can feel safe and calm.
Ref: ARRG ID 002547
Microchip Number: 943094320494617

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SNOOPY, 4 year old male FOXIE-x —

SNOOPY was surrendered through no fault of his own. He is a little skittish if startled. He can be protective. Is not used to being walked on a lead.
Ref: ARRG ID 002544
Microchip Number: 991000190601489

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COCO, 7 month old female Rhodesian Ridgeback-x —

COCO is only a young puppy. She was surrendered by a family whose children had pleaded for a puppy, and then they quickly grew bored, and so the parents chose to surrender her.
Ref: ARRG ID 002542
Microchip Number: 953010004407378

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DOLLAR, 5 year old female Bull Arab-x-Pointer —
DOLLAR's owner sadly died without making sure that Dollar was taken care of in the Will.

DOLLAR is a very strong dog, so if you are intending to apply to adopt her, please be aware of this.

So many people make the assumption that a family member will look after their beloved companions when they no longer can, but fail to check with said family members first. And there are so many instances like this where the family cannot take on guardianship of a relative's companion.

So the lesson to learn from DOLLAR ... REMEMBER YOUR COMPANIONS/PETS IN YOUR WILL! Speak to family members about what will happen if you can no longer care for your companions/pets.
Ref: ARRG ID 002537
Microchip Number: 941000017985409

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MARLEY , 5 year old female SMITHFIELD STAFFY —
MARLEY is an athletic 5 year old female smithfeild staffy.
Ref: ARRG ID 002477
Microchip Number: 953010004361344

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