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All ARRG dogs are vaccinated, heartworm tested and all adult dogs are desexed. We provide a coupon to be used with our nominated Veterinary Surgeon when the pup is desexing age.

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DEXTER, 8 month old male Labrador-x-Kelpie - Black & Tan—
DEXTER is an exuberant youngster, and is again a dog that was brought home to the family by a young woman who did not consider the ramifications, only to be told by the landlord that they did not have permission to have a dog.
Ref: ARRG ID 002528

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IZZY, 1 year 3 month old female Kelpie-x-Rottweiller—
IZZY's humans have to move to the city and couldn't find a rental suitable for her that would allow dogs.

Izzy has a bubbly personality. She is being re-homed through no fault of her own.

Ref: ARRG ID 002530

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LENNY, 4 year old male MASTIFF x - Red/brown—
LENNY was dumped at the ARRG Centre. Found tied to the front gates with only a mat, toy and water container. No note of explanation, or information about his name, his medical history or even if he'd been treated for parasites. However considering his condition and lack of microchip or desexing, it is unlikely he had received the usual treatments and vaccinations.

Ref: ARRG ID 002507

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BELLA-ROSE, 7 month old female Labrador x - Black with white patch—

BELLA-ROSE was surrendered because her family lived in a rental, and had not received permission to have a second dog. So they made the decision to surrender Bella-Rose.

Bella-Rose is a very confident young girl, who is very friendly and will make a wonderful addition to a young family, who have plenty of energy to spare to keep her well exercised. This is why ARRG is so specific about what is needed when obtaining a letter of permission from landlord/owner.

Ref: ARRG ID 002506

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SOXY, 2 year old female Kelpie x - Black & Tan—

SOXY is nervous upon first meeting, and needs a guardian who can restore her confidence in the big wide world.

Ref: ARRG ID 002494

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LUNA, 2 year old female POINTER-x—

LUNA is a beautiful looking dog with her red-speckled coat, and is very friendly.
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Ref: ARRG ID 002501

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MARLEY , 5 year old female SMITHFIELD STAFFY —
MARLEY is an athletic 5 year old female smithfeild staffy Ref: ARRG ID 002477

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MANU, 5 year old male Greyhound—
MANU is a happy, large Male Greyhound Dog

Phone Greyhound Re-Homing - Louise - 0429 114 968 - for pre-adoption interview and to organise a viewing. Ref: ARRG ID 002386

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MIKA, 4 year old female Husky x Malamute—
An active girl looking for an active lifestyle Ref: ARRG ID 002361

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BARNEY, 6 year old male Greyhound—
Barney - Chilled Large Male Greyhound - 5 years/ 9 months.

Phone Greyhound Re-Homing - Louise - 0429 114 968 - for pre-adoption interview and to organise a viewing. Ref: ARRG ID 002358

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