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All ARRG dogs are vaccinated, heartworm tested and all adult dogs are desexed. We provide a coupon to be used with our nominated Veterinary Surgeon when the pup is desexing age.

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When you see an animal removed from our website, it's good news — they have found a home.

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BOWIE, 2 year old male Kelpie x— An energetic and handsome boy looking for an active lifestyle Ref: ARRG ID 002636
Microchip Number: 956000010562362

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JOE, 11 month old male Border Collie x— ADOPTED... ON TRIAL
A smart dude with a lot of love to give. Ref: ARRG ID 002614
Microchip Number: 991003000887334

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LEXIE, 6 month old female Chinese Crested x—

Lexi is a loving and energetic girl who loves to be the center of attention.
potential candidates with be thoroughly interviewed and experience with this breed is preferable. Ref: ARRG ID 002620
Microchip Number: 991003000758551

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ANNA, 7 month old female Kelpie-x - Black & White—
ANNA and her sister BREE #2616 are a pair of lively youngsters who are eagerly awaiting a loving furever home.
Ref: ARRG ID 002617
Microchip Number: 991003000883111

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BREE, 7 month old female Kelpie-x - White & Black—

>BREE and her sister ANNA #2617 are a pair of lively youngsters who are eagerly awaiting a loving furever home.
Ref: ARRG ID 002616
Microchip Number: 991003000883117

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MARVIN, 2 year old male Mastiff x - White & Black—
MARVIN, is not a paranoid android, but he is a sweet, loyal and loving big boy who would dearly love to go to a home where he will be loved, spoilt and cared for.
Ref: ARRG ID 002618
Microchip Number: 991003000883112

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TASHA, 8 year old female Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)—

TASHA is a beautiful purebred girl, who enjoys walks, treats and cuddles.
Ref: ARRG ID 002612
Microchip Number: 900006000174402

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ELVIS, 1 year 2 month old male WOLFHOUND X— ELVIS has entered the building. Found wandering the streets, it would seem that poor Elvis has been the subject of abuse and starvation. He was transferred to ARRG from Lismore Pound when his time was up. Ref: ARRG ID 002603
Microchip Number: 991003000883939

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RASTUS, 1 year 6 month old male Foxhound-x—
RASTUS has come from a sad situation and is looking for his Furever Home.
Ref: ARRG ID 002583
Microchip Number: 900079000723012

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DOLLAR, 5 year old female Bull Arab-x-Pointer —

DOLLAR's owner sadly died without making sure that Dollar was taken care of in the Will.

DOLLAR is a very strong dog, so if you are intending to apply to adopt her, please be aware of this.

So many people make the assumption that a family member will look after their beloved companions when they no longer can, but fail to check with said family members first. And there are so many instances like this where the family cannot take on guardianship of a relative's companion.

So the lesson to learn from DOLLAR ... REMEMBER YOUR COMPANIONS/PETS IN YOUR WILL! Speak to family members about what will happen if you can no longer care for your companions/pets.
Ref: ARRG ID 002537
Microchip Number: 941000017985409

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