FAQ's about cat adoption

ARRG is an 'Approved Rehoming Organisation' number - R251000005

A1. Can I come into the South Lismore Centre to see all the pets to adopt?

Very few of our adoptable animals are located at the South Lismore Centre, as ARRG is primarily a foster carer group. To make an appointment to meet animals with foster carers you must first submit your application with attachment/s, before being referred to the foster carer to organise a day/time to meet.
* All potential adopters are phone interviewed for suitability prior to making an appointment to meet cat/kitten of choice.


A2. How do I apply to adopt?

Go to the Cat Adoption page and click on the 'more info' button, after reading all the information click on 'I want to Adopt [cat's name] and your email should open. In the subject line of the email it should say ARRG ID # & name of cat/kitten, if not please write it in.

If you own your home attach proof of ownership eg. a copy of rates notice blackout amounts etc if preferred.

If you rent a copy of a letter (on letterhead) from your Agent or Landlord (please ensure they are specific to the breed of animal eg. cat/dog and the number you are permitted and they should be allowed inside).
Tell us something about you and your family and if you already have pets or have in the past, we'd love to know why you want to adopt this kitten/cat.

If you are looking to adopt kittens and have children that are toddlers, it would be better to look at adopting adult cats or kittens that are older. If you are an aged person, we encourage you to adopt adult cats rather than kittens.

Cats can be a 20+ years commitment, so have a contingency if something goes wrong and you need someone to care for your pets (friend/family member).

Don't forget to include your phone number. And give us a day or so, then call to find out how your application is progressing. All potential adopters are phone interviewed for suitability prior to making an appointment to meet your cat/kitten of choice.


 A3. What happens once I lodge my application to adopt?

After submitting your emailed application, with attachment/s, give us time to process your email, then Phone ARRG for more information and to make an appointment to meet animals available for adoption.


A4. I rent do I need to tell my Agent/Landlord?

Renters need a letter of agreement from either the rental agent (on their letterhead) or the property owner. If a letter is from the property owner and NOT from a rental agency, then a letter will need to be accompanied by the owner’s proof of homeownership (ie, Rates Notice) as verification that they are the owner of the property you are renting. Refer to ARRG Adoption Policy page if unclear. https://www.animalrights.org.au/adoptions.php


A5. What's the Adoption Agreement?

When adopting a kitten/cat from ARRG, you will be asked to sign an Adoption Agreement form whereby you will be agreeing to certain conditions. At the time of adoption make sure you READ the complete ADOPTION AGREEMENT policy before signing the form, so you fully understand to what you are agreeing.


A6. Do cats and kittens need a lot of time like dogs?

No, but they still need love and attention, they miss you when you're not there. You can train cats on a lead (harness is best and safest) and take them for a walk. If you're out all day think about adopting two bonded adults or two kittens so they have company when you're not at home. 


A7. Should I keep my cat(s) inside all the time?

Keeping a cat inside, particularly at night, will protect it from accidents and fight injuries. Keeping it permanently inside will also protect local wildlife and lessen the possibility of hunting-related parasites. If your cat does go outside, you can buy a ‘cat bib’ for it to wear https://catbib.com.au/, which curtails its ability to hunt birds. White cats or cats with white ears or noses should also be kept inside and out of direct sunlight to avoid skin cancer.

Think about adopting two bonded adults or two kittens so they have company if you're not at home all the time.


A8. Do I need a cat carrier when I pick up my cat/kitten?

Yes you will need a carrier to transport your cat(s) or kitten(s), ask friends who have cats if you can you borrow theirs until you can buy one yourself. A cat carrier is something you will need to transport your pet to the Vet or when moving home.

To secure carrier in car, place seatbelt through the handle. You do not want the cat carrier to become a projectile in the event of an accident.


A9. Can I foster rather than adopt?

YES -- If you would like the companionship of a cat, but don’t believe you can meet the long-term responsibilities, then perhaps you should consider becoming a foster carer, even temporarily. This is something for the elderly to consider who are looking for a companion. Refer to the ‘becoming a foster carer’ page on our website http://www.animalrights.org.au/carer.php

If you feel that you and your family would like the experience of raising an orphaned kitten/litter from newborns or as young as a few weeks old, but don’t want the long-term responsibility, then becoming a foster carer can be a rewarding experience and quite educational. Foster carers who have the time and patience to hand-feed orphaned kittens are in high demand. Remember, it can be a lot of hard work and sleepless nights.

The hardest part of being a foster carer? Saying goodbye to a foster animal you've spent weeks raising, have fallen in love with, and now have to hand over to a stranger. However, if you talk to a foster carer, they will tell you what a REWARDING experience it is, and remember, for every kitten you re-home, ARRG will then be in a position to save another life.


A10. Tell me about the Settling in/Return Policy?

ARRG provides a 14 day settling in period for you and your new companion. If your new cat does not settle into its new home, please consult the ARRG volunteers at our South Lismore Centre (02) 6622 1881 (M-F 9-3) for advice. If the problem/s can't be resolved you can book an appointment to return your adopted cat prior to the animal being returned to the Lismore ARRG Centre. A refund of the adoption price will be paid by bank deposit, provided the animal is returned within 14 days from the date of adoption.

If for an unanticipated reason, in the future, you cannot keep this adopted cat, you must first contact ARRG before attempting to re-home. When ARRG is in a position to accept the return of the cat, when there is available space, you must pay a surrender fee and return all appropriate paperwork to allow it to be re-homed by ARRG.


A11. Are the cats/kittens desexed?

All cats are desexed prior to rehoming.

If kitten is under 4 months of age you must have the kitten desexed using the prepaid voucher with one of the ARRG participating vets at the age of 4 months - The prepaid vouchers cannot be used at any other vet clinic.


A12. What does it cost to adopt a cat/kitten?

ARRG Cat Adoption fee of $180.00 includes vaccination, desexing and microchip. All cats are litter and indoor trained. If adopting a kitten under 4 months a prepaid desex voucher is included in the Adoption fee to be used at 5 months no later by a participating vet clinic in this area.

All potential owners are screened thoroughly to ensure the suitability of the home. ARRG cats are placed into their new home on a two week trial.

Cats—$180.00 includes the 1st Vaccination, worming, desexing and microchipping.

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NOTE: We have put together a detail document on all things regarding cat/kitten ownership and links to learn more, you can click here to download 'Detailed information about Cats and Kittens'. 




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